Infusion Beach Club

Location: Palm Springs, California

  • Value of Property $5,450,000
  • Renovation Cost $1,720,000
  • Value After $ 9,860,000


Before Conversion

After Conversion


1. From the Monroe Hotel to Infusion Beach Club, a project started in January 2017 and finishing up this year!!
2. Infuse Love, brought to you by the creative team anchored by ATS Founder Chris Rosas.  Being a part of this movement is what dreams are made of.
3. Design and simplicity in the hotel environment is the key to providing a proper guest experience and to driving sales for increased profit.
4. The new and more elegant Infusion Beach Club pool area is what will drive revenue in this property and in turn drive profit.
5. At Infusion Beach Club the guests love the new décor and new décor means more revenue to owners.
6. The suites at Infusion Beach Club command 40% greater revenue than the previous Suites
7. The cabanas at Infusion Beach Club will soon offer Cabana service of food and alcohol that will eventually dwarf room revenue.

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