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Get a free quote now for home improvements, renovations and all your property needs. We provide a bespoke service from design to build.

About ATS Property Company

We have built an impressive portfolio at ATS and our business partners run a very successful and dedicated team building high yielding property projects in the UK and worldwide. We design, rebuild and redevelop property, along with landscaping and complete property refurbishments.

Our foundations are built upon dynamic and creative design with an innovative team that builds and understands the 24 hour generation so expect a professional and competent experience.

We are very proud to have received high rated reviews for our work and a big part of our work ethic and intention is to focus on our clients financial future.

Our Founder Antony and his associates have developed a winning company strategy and a skilful operation for client’s guaranteed monthly returns making the maximum profit for our clients and group members.

ATS is built with its clients in mind and we’re committed to keeping our promise and our name.

Build Your Future.

Never a late payment has been made! I’ve been with ATS Property Company for a few months and have found the experience really stress free and I can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism and constant communication… which makes my wife and I very happy.

– Jim and Barb, Kent

For the first time in 5 years we’ve been on holiday and its thanks to ATS Property Company that we can do this! We’ll actually be able to take the whole family on holiday every year…until we can boot the kids out!

– Jenny and The Fishers

We got our first payment today. I didn’t quite believe it at first because this was our first venture into the property market without the stress of buying an actual house ourselves and the arduous process of getting a mortgage. This is a very easy way into the property market. Thanks ATS!

– Steph Hester, USA

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